The PLECOTUS - Project

Integrating Open Source Forest Growth Models

General Information

The aim of the PLECOTUS-Project is to speed up development and validation of object oriented forest growth and interaction models and to provide a platform for their integration at runtime. The PLECOTUS-Framework is independent of unit systems, e.g. the metric system, and provides maximum freedom in the implementation of a specific forest growth and interaction model. An extended abstract (three pages) is given in the accompanying document 'Plecotus.pdf'.

Project initiator and principal investigator is Richard Zinck ( The PLECOTUS-Framework is the result of Richards Bachelor's thesis on object- oriented analysis of forest growth and yield. It has been supervised by Prof. R. Switzer (Distributed Systems) and Prof. K. Gadow (Forest Management, Growth and Yield). It has been carried on and implemented as a Master's project under the supervision of Prof. W. May (Databases and Information Systems), all of Georg August University, Goettingen, Center for Informatics.